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What is The Petunia

The petunia is one of the most well known and liked flowers in the world. Its huge petals and distinct colorings are some of its more well known traits. Its name alone is enough to make it be considered one of the most popular flowers with it being used as a name for women fairly frequently over the years.

They are typically pollinated by insects with some small exceptions being pollinated by hummingbirds. The petunia is primarily eaten by cornworms and is susceptible to aphids, leaf spots, and various types of viruses that affect flowers.

There are two major types of petunias: the grandiflora and the multiflora. The grandiflora deviation has bigger petals and are better to be grown in baskets and hanging containers so that they aren’t damaged as much by rain. The multiflora variation has a considerably higher number of flower petals and is much better grown in a flower bed because they are much harder to damage due to the petals being smaller. They are easiest grown from transplants rather than from seeds although both options are viable to the seasoned gardener.

They should generally be planted around one foot apart to maximize growth.

The petunia is best planted after the last frost of spring so that it can better survive. It does extremely well in a hotter harsher climate and is very frail to the cold bitter environments. They needs at the very minimum five hours of sunlight a day and do amazing in moist low humidity soil. Petunias do best grown in direct sunlight although a partially shaded flower will still grow, just with fewer petals. However be careful with annoying Safe Pest Control Reno, because petunias are known for attracting some of the worst.

The petunia is a popular flower because of its pretty appearance in comparison to many other flowers and its ease to be grown under standard condtions. It is a fairly common flower and one that most people will have no trouble getting hold of. Whether you’re looking for a new piece for your garden or just a gift for a friend the petunia can always be a good choice.

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