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Tips for growing petunias

Petunias are beautiful flowers that can bring light and joy to any garden. Growing them though can be a bit of a task but the outcome is worth it. If you do your research though you can have bright and healthy plants to enjoy. These flowers come in a variety of colors, including red, pink and white. These plants are susceptible to damage from the rain, making them perfect for planting in pots or hanging baskets.

Let’s get started: Tips for Growing Petunias

These annual flowers need full sun exposure and their abundant flower count makes them perfect for bordering ponds and other decorative lawn ornaments. The bell-shaped flowers are beautiful and eye-catching and are sure to capture the attention of your loved ones. Petunias should be started indoors, but once they have three leaves they can be planted outside. Petunias bloom and thrive from spring through the year until fall. These plants have small seeds, starting them from seed is difficult and requires patience. The seeds need a lot of light to germinate and you can’t forget to water these flowers.

These beautiful flowers should be watered well at least once weekly if temperatures are normal. They are highly tolerant of heat but not wind. They will need to be planted outside of a windy area. Petunias flowers do die throughout their blooming time, and to prolong the growth of their beautiful flowers the dead and faded flowers should be removed. Most Petunias are pollinated via insects and are only fertile with their own petunia species. These lovely flowers have been known to be different colors in a cultivated form. Blue and white and pink and white are just examples.

These lovely flowers are perfect for nearly any garden. As long as they’re kept out of the wind and grown properly. A large amount of fertilizer will help them grown quickly and the care to grow them from seed is very rewarding. These flowers have a versatile planting area, in pots, hanging baskets or on the ground, making them a popular plant for gardeners.

Petunias are stunning and will capture the eye of your family and friends when grown properly. You’ll be able to boast about how you grew them yourself and tell stories about how difficult they were to raise. These flowers have the potential to change your garden into the garden that you truly deserve. Petunias help make your house a home.